When Hasbro launched the Official Transformers Collectors Club with Fun Publications I decided to join. At the time I had decent income and thought it would be worth the money. It kind of wasn’t. For your fee (I forget what it was at the time) you got a newsletter that featured information you already heard elsewhere online and only have a few pages of a long comic, a free toy that was a remold of another toy, a card with a bio of the character, access to the forum, and not much else. In the future discounts on club items and more free stories would come around but I don’t think it was worth the money.

Since I joined that first year I picked up the first year figure, Skyfall…who came with instructions for Terradive, one of the Energon Combiner figures his mold was made from. I’ll get more into all that when I finally go through the Energon toys, but for Skyfall, he’s part of a Combiner called Nexus Prime, formerly Nexus Maximus until someone found out he shared the name with an…adult toy that didn’t have a robot mode and probably had more female users. That’s all I’m saying about that. The other figures seen above were released in the following years and all were remolds of various Combiner figures from Energon. The two links in this paragraph will give you the important backstory if you so care, as it’s time to look at the toy itself. While not a Universe figure it’s where I put the other multiversal redecos so why not him? I don’t have any other Collector’s Club figures after all so where else would i put him?