Dusting, DVR Cleaning, And Self-Repair

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I was hoping to do my dusting last week and give you an interesting article this week. Well, the last two weeks got the better of me. Last week I had to go for an ultrasound to check on the status of my kidney stones. This week I went to the doctor to get the results. The good news is that there are no more kidney stones, or at least it’s too small to show up in the ultrasound. This is after an extraction in 2021 but one was still left in there. I vaguely remember having a forced “go” that I thought might have been the stone but it didn’t hurt…I promise there’s only one more icky part to go…so maybe that’s when it went. Point it the last obstacle to my life, medically anyway, is finally no longer an obstacle. Well, that doesn’t leave me out of obstacles though.

So this week I got a little dusting done in my bedroom, but I paced myself and just did the one area. It’ll take me a few days to finally get everything dusted, and then I have other rooms I need to work on. I’ll get more into the problems why that’s taking so long in a moment, but as you can tell from the title there’s three discussion topics. The dusting part I mostly already finished discussing. It’s dusting. All I have to talk about there is why I need to pace myself more. The other problem this week is that we’re changing television providers…again, meaning I also have to work around getting everything watched before we change over later next week. So I’ll talk a bit about that as well. It’s not decluttering per say, but it is cleaning and you have to keep the stuff you’re still holding onto tidy after all.



Quick Report> Technology Decided To Hate Me This Week

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Well…yesterday happened.

And since I’m writing this the day before it goes live you can imagine I’m still in a bad mood after reading my issues. I was going to make brownies (I have one bag left of brownie mix) but we’re out of eggs. That’s fine and I had a feeling we were out. Dad’s going shopping Monday so maybe next weekend. Also unplugged one of the air conditioners for the winter season so I don’t have the cord dragged. I just have to cover it and I’m good.

Then the problems started. My project drive appears to be zirched and unless my computer expert friend can recover them I’ve lost a whole lot of video projects and thumbnails tied to my other website, including a video I’ve been trying to edit for years with my various medical issues distracting me possibly lost for good. So yay.

Then I try setting up a set of programs I need for a different project and it fought me at every possible point. I don’t have it completely set up but far enough that I’m ahead of the game.

Finally our TV will only put up a picture for a second before becoming a radio. Have to get a new TV with money we really can’t afford to spend. Even more yay.

EDIT: Guess what started working this morning…AFTER dad came back from the store with the new TV. Yesterday was evil to tech.

Yeah, I’m a bit ticked off right now. Technology decided to smack me around and I’m not happy about it.

Quick Report: DVRed Again

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So this week I was supposed to get more dusting done. It seems the universe continues to hold me back whenever possible and using my media addictions against me. We ordered a new DVR box from the cable company but that means losing all the recordings we have. So I’ve had to push through what I can versus what won’t repeat again and can’t find online. Even then there are movies and shows I’m not going to finish. It’s annoying but since our current box won’t record or pause live video…you know, the reasons you get a DVR box in the first place, there’s not much I can do about that. Our old cable company (seen above because I don’t have pictures of the current company’s boxes in the media library for this site) stored on the cloud, which is better for us, probably not for the cable company.

So I guess that’s a bit of clutter gone whether I want it to or not. Less distraction. Now if I could just get caught up on everything else.