The Software Organizing Project part 6

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I didn’t get to do anything in the project itself but yet I do have an update. During the time off I did find some of my old CD wallets. One someone got me from a bank here in Connecticut, one is a hard case my dad gave me, and the third I bought myself. It’s a zipper case that can hold a lot of CDs or DVDs or CD-Roms. This one I actually had some disks in, which means more to go through. I thought all that was in there were some media storage, but I took a look inside to see exactly what I have and…

…I found my copy of Sonic Heroes! Turns out they were in there the whole time. I knew I still had them! And that’s not all I found in there.



Making a list

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I have a lot of collections, and I thought it would be easier to go through them for a proper review if I made a list. Now the Transformers and other action figures aren’t my concern. The Transformers especially have too many to bother with, a problem also faced by my comics. The video games and movie videos, however, I want a proper listing of.

My thought is that I could keep track of what I’ve reviewed for the Video Game Clutter show and the DVD/VHS report articles. (Although the videos I’ll be going through alphabetically.) Luckily I found an old Steno Book that I had originally purchased all those years ago to keep track of high scores. Since the games didn’t keep track of the top score once the game was shut off (except for some computer games), I could track my progress.

Years later I found it during my game organizing, and it was mostly empty. The spaces were marked off, but no scores were recorded. And since there was plenty of extra pages left (most of the book), this week’s plan was to list every game I own to keep track of which ones I’ve gone through.