There it is, the Bumblebee shelf. Or rather speaker. Long story short, Bumblebee is my favorite of the original Transformers characters. He got a resurgence thanks to the live-action movies, and now he’s everywhere. This means I have a lot of Bumblebee’s of the Multiverse to collect, although there are a couple of versions I may sadly never get to own. Granted, there are a few I don’t need. If it’s the same mold with some different colors, I don’t need it. I want new forms. Except for this one and this one, because they don’t feel like Bumblebee to me.

I also have a couple of official namesakes, from the movie and Transformers Animated. For all of the Bay films’ faults, even without a voicebox his Bumblebee is our Bee. Animated Bumblebee, however, was not a likable guy but that’s for the other blog. Still, they both get small places. There’s also some Bee-related merchandise like the McDonalds toy that looks like a key or something when folded up, and the Bumblebee finger board (skate board toys you can actually do tricks with using your fingers, I don’t really follow that type of toy but it IS a Bumblebee skateboard).

As you can see, the Bumblebee speaker is full. There’s no room for another Bumblebee and I can’t even display them as well as I would like. This is where finding an old figurine display stand in the basement comes in handy. It’s time for an official Bumblebee shelf!

I considered painting it yellow and black, like his insect namesake, but it might not work with the figures.

This is one of two they had, one had a plastic piece that could go over it but would be too small for some of the larger Bumblebees. This shelf should be just fine, but I want to double-check that and clean it up a bit.

Working for their Energon.

So it looks like the larger Bees will work here. Additionally, I have enough room to put them into cool action poses, as befits their posability. However, before I set it in place I want to clean it up a bit. To that end, we have the mom-recommended mixture of water and hand soap.

Now remember, I was cleaning this up that week the early snowstorm was dropping trees on power lines, so I had no heat and it was unseasonably cold. Although heat built up in my home because of the sun, it was still rather cold, but I did get some cleaning done. At some point I really should try to clean it a bit more, and I do have a few ideas to decorate it a bit as befits Da Bee (readers of my other site are going “not again”), but it still looks a lot better and still in good shape having been in the basement all these years.

Now it really is a shelf!

It fits in place on my speaker. It’s actually a little larger than my speaker but the way the display shelves are designed, the bottom step keeps it in place, and it shouldn’t interfere with the speaker. (However I did learn that the speaker cover is starting to disintegrate. I wonder if those are expensive?)

Now I could have turned this one of two ways, the way you see here or what would be “upside down” from this position. I don’t know if there’s a preferred way or not, but this offers me more room for not only posing the Bumblebees but, if I want, to display them in vehicle mode. (Except for the versions who can’t transform.)

All together now!

At some point I may introduce you to the individual Bumblebees. As you can see, though, there’s room for more versions of Bumblebee with a bit of reshuffling the collection. Just in time, too, as there are two new variations on the store shelves right now. One of them I was able to last night, and I hope to have the other by next week’s reports, so I can review both Bumblebees at the same time.

Sorry, nothing came up about display shelves.