Quick Report: Prepping The Back-Up Drive

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If you’re smart you have a back-up drive for your computer. That way if you lose anything you can reclaim it. Of course it only works if you actually back stuff up. Some people actually use an off-line storage solution, referred to as the “cloud”. Whichever way you do it there comes a point when you need to go to the back-up drive and delete a few things you don’t want anymore. You have to be careful of course because if you lose something on that you’re kind of in trouble.

This is my next virtual clutter project. In addition to files I don’t need anymore (and I did manage to cut some of those out) you have back-ups based on older file layouts on my computer and newer ones, leading to a few multiple files. I was going to start that this week as well but a surprise family event I ended up not making anyway means I’m going to have to wait on that. By the time I’m done I should have all my back-ups organized so I have room to back-up my current files. Then if I lose something on the computer I know where to find it. So we’ll have to continue that next week, but at least I got a start on it.


I Collect Some Odd Stuff

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If you’ve read enough of this site you know I’m a toy collector, or was when I had money coming in. I never saved the boxes but when there were bio cards on the back (for many of you former kids out there think GI Joe or Transformers) I did save the backs. Or if that’s where the instructions were I’d save that. This doesn’t seem like as good an idea as before. Now they’re just taking up space. In fact here’s the box they’re taking up, along with collected trades of Transformers comic stories from the UK and a couple of UK Transformers comic magazines I’ve managed to acquire. While looking through this box out of boredom I came across a few things that made want to dig through. I’ll get to what later. Let’s just look at the pile.


Little to report this week

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I wish I had something to report this week. I did do a bit more with the emails and the next few declutter projects will be virtual clutter cleaning as I have some organizational issues to work out with computer stuff. But it seems I spent most of this summer trying to get myself to work. Whether it was the heat and humdity, dentist (namely a dental group that frankly I’m not too happy with and am now seeking alternatives), or other things (even dealing with my uncle passing away) pulling me out of the studio and cleaning area I feel like I haven’t accomplished much on any of my projects. I think I got one video project done, with another half-finished and yet another I have to do for a different uncle. Maybe I just needed a day to goof off and start over.

It’s August now and while Summer isn’t over hopefully it won’t be too bad. This week I have no dentist or doctor appointments, no shopping, nowhere to go, and hopefully the weather will cooperate. If I can finally start to get myself into a working rhythm (including finding a paid job of some kind or adding to the “clutter for sale” page) maybe I can start accomplishing stuff. I will be working on computer clutter for a while but while it may not take much physical effort it does take time and that seems to be what I’m fighting to get lately. Hope to have something good next week.

Transforming Toy Report: Quick Change Military Team

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Remember when we went over a few figures from the first Robots In Disguise line? For those of you who missed that, it was taken from a formerly Japanese exclusive line called Car Robots. Well for the bad guys they made an odd decision, at least to me. While the Autobot* Combiner teams were all new the lone Decepticon* Combiner was a reissue…of a team from the original series. Sure, most of the Decepticons (except for the leader) were also reuses of old molds, but except for Scourge they came from a more recent line. (Scourge’s counterpart was from Generation Two but his articulation held up better than most original line toys.)

The figures they used were the “Combaticons”. I don’t know what the mold was prior to Transformers but in this incarnation they were also Decepticons, They got a new color scheme and some minor remolding but they really didn’t fit in with the advancement in transforming robot toy engineering. And then Hasbro gives them a whole new color scheme (at right) for some reason. I guess the added faction symbols wasn’t enough to set them apart from the Japanese toys (so that eBay sellers don’t claim they’re the more expensive Japanese import versions to scam people I think) so they got new colors. I just couldn’t justify the price for G1 toys at modern price points unless they were proper reissues or the original toys of the Combaticons. Plus they didn’t have the right colors and this was still during my “whomever is on the show or just looks cool” phase, which interestingly enough this line was one of the reasons I started to break from that.

Then I came upon the Quick Change Robot Fighter version. Now I don’t know what the set was actually named because I found nothing on this one compared to even the other Quick Change Combiners. But they were cheaper and in the right colors so this is the rare occasion where I chose the knockoff over the original. How did that turn out for me?

*To my fellow Transformers fans: yes, I know they’re called Cybertron and Destron in Japan. I don’t think most of the people reading this blog cares.


No Clutter Report this week.

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We’ve had a death in the family over the weekend, my uncle. While the photos are all ready I just didn’t have the interest in doing much of anything on Saturday, and I don’t know what mood I’ll be in come Sunday. I hope to get back to things clutter-related for next week’s report.

Transformers Report: Quick Change’s Knockoff Aerialbots

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In the original Transformers toyline the Aerialbots was the first Combiner team for the Autobots, an attempt to counter the Decepticons’ Constructicons while said Decepticons were also working on their own ground-based team. Most Autobots by this point were based on cars and that left the heroes with little air support against the mostly flying vehicle villains. So their first team were aircraft. The toys use a style of combining fans refer to as “Scramble City”, based on a Japanese special that showcased the Combiners for a “Scramble City” subline (the US didn’t start using sublines for a long time…even the Headmasters and Targetmasters were considered part of the same line, just a different gimmick.)

I never had the Aerialbots as a kid so when I came across the Quick Change Robot Fighter knockoffs as an adult collector. As usual this series is hard to research but with a different group of knockoff robot aircraft from this company I couldn’t even tell you what the name of this group is. But that won’t stop me from reviewing it.


Quick Project: This Is Getting Dot Old

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When I re-installed Windows into my computer it left a huge archive of files from my old computer as “windows.old”. It takes up a lot of space so I decided to knock a bit of that out this week. Yes, more virtual clutter, but it’s been a hot, humid week here in Connecticut and working in my attic was not something I was really willing to do. It kind of affected my whole week, including another project I’m working on and ended up getting nothing done on.

I’d like to reach out to the more computer savvy out there and ask a question: can I safely remove anything from .old archives without negatively affecting my computer? Seriously, I could see if it was just documents, pictures, videos, and even fonts. But I’m seeing full folders for programs I’d have to reinstall in there. It’s not like they work either since various registry info and whatever aren’t present. But is it okay to delete folders or are they intended to be copy/pasted into somewhere? Because it’s been so long since I re-installed that I don’t need those programs or otherwise can’t use them because I can’t fully install them. What exactly are .old archives and what’s safe to delete? I can think of a few things. This project was about going through internet links that are dead, various image and video files, and other things I’m relatively sure is okay to delete. But I would love some advice before proceeding further.

Quick Project: Comic Shifting

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This wasn’t the project I planned to do this week. I wanted to take my steno book and make a listing of the PC software I have and list what goes to which computer (my desk and laptop) and further divide them by games, productivity, creativity, and standard drivers and stuff. But I’ve lost the steno book. I don’t even think I can blame this one on the clutter. I put it somewhere and now I don’t know where. Luckily this isn’t an important project right now. I’m just upset I lost my steno book. Remember, it has all my video game scores and other listings on there. So until I figure out where I put it that project’s on hold.

So I did the project this week I was saving for next week. As I continue to go through my comic collection I’ve pulled out a bunch of comics from my collection, leaving a big gap in at least one longbox. So this week I moved some comics around, putting a few more in the box and condensing the collection. So at least I did something this week, and considering how hot it is in Connecticut (and thus hotter in this attic) I’m lucky I was able to do that.

By the way, for my fellow Americans, have a happy Independence Day!

Touring My Art Corner

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One of the reasons I’ve been doing this clutter organizing project is to make my creative spaces easier to create in. An unused bedroom turned TV room is now my in-progress multimedia studio. One corner is where I’ve been putting together an art corner, where I can draw my comics for my other website, BW Media Spotlight, and a few other projects I hope to complete. Or at least start so I know I tried. So I’ve been working on this on and off, trying to find a comfortable layout from which to draw. With the recent addition of a graphics tablet I’ve also been trying to make this arrangement work digitally so I’m not always drawing from the computer on the other side of my intended dedicated drawing corner.

Now that I finally have an arrangement I’m happy with I thought I would take some time to show off the results of this project. While there will still be more tweaking the “BW art corner” is pretty much ready for business and I thought you might want to check it out. It also features the culmination of many projects I’ve written about in the past, so you can see how they have aided in this project as well as updates on the updating of those projects. Hope someone out there finds this interesting.


Quick Project: Yet More E-Mail Clearing

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It happened again. Surprise events pulling me out of the house and one I actually did schedule in advance and plan for, took time away from other projects. Luckily the virtual clutter cleaning is important too, just like the physical cleaning. That big mound of unread emails feels ready to collapse on you every time you go to your email browser or site of choice. And this is only one of a few email accounts I have to go through, although others are mostly open because I have to read that backlog or I don’t currently remember how to get into them. So I made a dent in that project. Not a big enough dent for my liking but at least I accomplished something off of the board. I should update that picture with what I have left.

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