The Clutter Between Rooms

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I have this area between my bedroom and the in-progress studio that’s become a bit of a storage mess. It doesn’t help that there is a slight leak near the chimney that shows up during really heavy rain but that has little to do with this project. That’s why the bucket’s there. We have electric heat anyway. The thing is it’s rather ugly to look at, so this week I decided to tackle this area and make it actually useful. Useful for what?

When I get to (I’m hoping with the next phase) complete the comic organizing mega-project (which is not the same as the collection culling super mega project, which I also have for my Transformers) I want to try again to put the comics in the closet in my room. My hope is that the comics will all be in the same place by the time this is done, including the mini-comics, a few of which I reviewed here with a crosspost from BW Media Spotlight, my primary multimedia review site that I’m also using to go through all my old comics. Anyway, the bit problem is that when I have the longboxes for the comics in the closet I have no place to put my shoes that aren’t in the way. I don’t have that many shoes: sneakers, a pair of back-up sneakers I thought I’d use around the house but I’ve gravitated to sandals around the house, snowboots, and my comfortable dress shoes I also use at conventions because they’re better on my ankles than the sneakers in that situation, as well as my alternate slippers when the others are in the wash.

Well, thanks to the clutter cleaning elsewhere I now have room to put the shoes in this cubby hole since I have room to put other things. Yes, when you get rid of clutter in one spot it opens a place for you to store clutter you’ll actually use and increases your ability to store stuff without getting in your way. So let’s do some more of that!



Christmas Tree 2017

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I forgot to post these. This year the Autobots from the loose Transformers reviews plus the Mini-Con Assault Team helped decorate.

I just need to figure out what I’m doing with this area after Christmas. Do I put that comic stack back there until I can get the next phase of the comic organizing project done or put something else there and leave the comics where they are until said phase occurs.

Other Transformers in the display:

I didn’t have room to add the Decepticons reviewed.

A Little Pre-Decorating For Christmas

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This is where I’ve been putting my Christmas tree. After the previous stage of the comic organizing mega-project I had to stack some of the DC comics there as well as the TARDIS sitting there after the closet shelf organizing project. This is not the permanent home for either but I have to move it now to make room for my little tree. And with friends coming over I can’t decorate until tomorrow, so this is the project for this week. But where to move these to?

Well it so happens I have a place. But I have sheets sitting on there. The drawer my sheets go into is full of old damaged sheets that I didn’t get to thanks to all the medical issues so they ended up here. So the project this week is to finally go through the old sheets and put the good sheets in their place, right?


Transformers Report: Cybertron Brakedown

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Megatron races Override

Megatron races Override (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s time for the last of loose ones that were in this pile, and just in time to set up my Transformers for the annual Christmas display. This one also comes from the Transformers Cybertron line.

Velocitron, the Speed Planet, is a culture that revolves around racing. Even the monster truck is built for speed. They love to race around all day, and the leader is chose by who wins the race. It also feels like all the Autobots have that annoying gimmick that Hardtop had, where the key unlocks a weapon that’s part of something they carry, but it’s worse because without the Cyber Key in use it’s just some box they’re carrying or some other bonus part rather than popping a new weapon out of their structure like the Decepticons. Except for Hot Shot but his Cyber Key power is just two fins that help with aerodynamics or something. Of all the Cyber Key gimmicks the Speed Planet Autobots have the weakest.

And that holds true for Brakedown, the wise old racer who trains the excitable young Clocker and first befriends the Autobot envoy. His toy is…kind of mixed. I’ve kind of gone back and forth whether or not I want to keep this one but I have come to a decision. First we need to give him a proper examination.


No posting this week

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Between recovering from dental surgery and the anniversary posting on my other site I didn’t have time to do any clutter maintenance this week. I hope to get back to it next week though.

Transformers Report: Cybertron Brimstone

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Brimstone (Transformers)

Brimstone (Transformers) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Transformers Cyberton’s story, four colony ships carrying the “Cyber Planet Keys”, each needed to unlock the power of Primus, had lost contact long before the war. Each planet represents a different culture. The Speed Planet (Velocitron) was fond of racing. The Giant Planet (Gigantion) is all about building. The Jungle Planet (Animatron according to the Transformers wiki but that’s the first I’ve heard it called that) took on beast forms and personalities. Another ship was headed for Earth in the pre-human days but ended up crashing.

Hailing from the Jungle Planet, Brimstone is one of Scourge’s lackeys. I don’t know how a robot on an alien planet turns into a pteranodon but that goes for all the beast modes resembling Earth animals. Brimstone and the rest of Scourge’s group would later join the Decepticon cause. Now you know his story, let’s look at his toy.


Quick Report: Still More Reading

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No, it’s not a repost. This was a crazy week, and not in the good way by a long shot. One of the victims was my plan to read through one of the remaining newsletters every day. So I ended up reading them yesterday…which was a nice diversion from the funk the week put me into. I’m hoping to do a Transformer review for next week, but that depends on the next crisis.

Quick Project: More Reading

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During my forced hiatus a number of papers, from newsletters to conventions to a magazine someone bought for me and some newspaper articles someone else gave me, went unread, and it kind of piled up. There’s still something of a pile left, but I read through a bunch of them. I’m going to commit myself (hopefully) to reading one of the remaining newsletters and articles and other pamphlets a day until I get to the longer reads, and then adjust my schedule accordingly.

With luck I’ll have this pile all done by the end of November and can toss out whatever I don’t need anymore. If some newsletter or something comes my way that will be the daily read, which will delay things by a day, but who says I can’t read two? I need to open time to create and to clean. I still want to do the next phase big comic organizing project, which should be re-integration, possibly in January depending on what my schedule has become. There is still a lot to do but I’m making progress. With any luck by the end of 2018 I’ll have a good handle on this project again.

I’m not counting on it, mind you. 😀

Transformers Report: Cybertron Hardtop

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Principal cast from Transformers: Cybertron.

Principal cast from Transformers: Cybertron. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During my time collecting Transformers I had this thing about collecting all show characters and whatever I thought was cool. However, I started collecting around late Beast Wars, when only a handful of toys were getting characters. Now the whole line gets represented while some of the show figures I didn’t care for. So it dropped to whatever I thought looked cool unless I was really into the character…which led to the Bumblebee Shelf of course. This started around the time of the “Unicron Trilogy”.

Hardtop is a Decepticon from the tail end of that group of Transformers line, Transformers Cybertron (known as Galaxy Force in Japan). The gimmick of this line was that each Transformer could call upon a “Cyber Key” to enhance their form, a semi-return to the Mini-Cons, only instead of Powerlinking to a fellow Transformer or Mini-Con you had this giant key shoved in your back to get an extra set of missile launchers or something. From a story perspective I found it kind of weak but from a play perspective the gimmicks worked better but Mini-Cons were more fun since they did something when not connected to a larger Transformers, as opposed to the Keys that sat there waiting to get lost. Luckily any key could unlock the gimmick.

There were five planets involved: Cybertron, Earth, and three Cybertronian colonies we’ll meet in later reviews. Hardtop is from Earth, and he has the Earth Cyber Key. There was also a code in the Hasbro series (not seen in Takara’s Japanese run) on the keys that would unlock bonus bios on Hasbro’s Transformers site, but you can only read those in fan site now. The question is how does he fair as a toy?


My Friend The Spreadsheet

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Regular comics are great and all, but I do enjoy those promotional mini-comics. I have an article series on my other site that is all about reviewing them, and ones I physically own can be cross-posted to this site if I need it. They’re probably the only part of my comics library that is properly organized. However, they weren’t properly cataloged, and I need to know which mini-comics I own, what I’m looking for, and what I’ve written reviews on, whether I own the actual mini-comic or a scan off of the internet

That’s what I decided to do for this week’s project, to create a spreadsheet to catalog my mini-comics and what I’ve reviewed already. This may seem boring, and we aren’t talking about high impact EXTREME excitement here, but it’s a good way to demonstrate how that unused spreadsheet program in your computer or tablet can benefit a large organizing project like the one I’m doing.


Older Entries