Merging Libraries

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My love of reading is something my mother encouraged, and I’ve gained a lot of books, something I want to trim down because there’s more than I have time to read, which means it’s not only taking up a lot of space but there are books going unread, which is a crime unto itself. However, there’s a project I need to start undertaking this week which will increase my collection, but for a good reason.


Time Away For Funeral

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I was hoping to have something this week, but with my mother’s funeral next week and a eulogy to finish the clutter organizing project is on hold. Not done. I still want this mess dealt with, but I need to get some stuff done on the other site, where I’m hoping to make a career out of, indirectly if not from the site and projects themselves. I can do some filler stuff there but this project requires me to pay more attention than I have been since at least the holidays, since my mother and grandfather passed in the two months following the holidays, and even some personal things have gone unattended.

The Clutter Reports will return by the end of the month but I have other things that take priority. Sorry if you happen to like my articles but there will be more soon. And with some of my mom’s stuff I have some extra topics to go over. Don’t give up on me yet, or on fixing your own clutter.

BW Free Comic Book Disappointment

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ShadowWing Tronix:

Free Comic Book Day is why I don’t have a Clutter Report article this week. I have stuff for next week hopefully.

Originally posted on BW Media Spotlight:

Free Comic Book Day logo

I love Free Comic Book Day. I really do. It’s a good way to check out comics you otherwise wouldn’t risk the money for. However, when scaplers grab as much free comics as they can sneak off with and comic stores aren’t prepared for even the new legit ones I miss out on comics I really wanted to check out. (I went over those on Thursday.) No Transformers. No Ty Lee. No Jurassic Strike Force. Instead I only picked up four comics: Doctor Who, Divergent, Secret Wars, Avengers, and mistakenly picked up a leftover Infinity preview, being too disappointed to really pay attention.

That would have been okay if the comics had been good. Through the power of reposting Twitter (under ) share in my misery.

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Dustin’ & Organizin’

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This is a short follow-up to last week’s project. Remember last week how dusty my place was? This wasn’t even the worse area but it looks like the snow is starting in my room. Or at least it did. The dust levels were worse in other spots so the time came to fix this problem. And there was another benefit besides cleaning.


It’s Dusting Time!

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Sorry for not having a post last week. Allergy season has begun and I lost some time in lala land. As for this week, clutter is taking a back suit to one really overdue project.


I can’t remember the last time I dusted in my bedroom. I finally did the other room (the studio-in-progress) last year. That’s how crazy things have been since 2008 (although I THINK I’ve dusted since 2008). So I want to get that done. This isn’t even the worst dust in my room. I have layers of dust, and it’s time to fix that.

Happy Easter!

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English: Icon of the Resurrection

English: Icon of the Resurrection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I fought off a cold, finished my cousin’s video project…and then fought off an allergy attack. Figures. With things the way they’ve been lately Easter managed to sneak up on me, so I didn’t get any clutter clearing done…and I’m getting tired of writing that. I need to get into a pattern where I get all my projects done and still have some free time to relax. While the projects were created to get things off of my chest and have some fun, I find that the biggest clutter is in my schedule, in making time for everything. I think I’ve become lethargic. I was so used to a 9-3 (later 10-3) schedule that the next two owners screwed that up and pushed me out of my patterns, then never really let me get back into them. That would be fine if it improved me somehow, but I think the opposite occurred.

I’m a person of patterns, and I need to get back into habits that make me productive again. Is it possible? This is Easter, where we honor the resurrection of Jesus from death! If death itself can be overcome, I think resurrecting my life patterns should be easier. I’m happy to have the time to create, but I’m not used to it and so many things have put me into a slump that I’ve been in for over a year now. I have a schedule in mind that should get all of my article, video, and comic work done, including projects for this site in the first two areas. (If I had a good idea for a clutter-related comic I’d consider it.) I keep writing this too, but this time it’s the goal I want to push myself to succeed at.

I think God is sending me a message as well, since I keep finding myself walking into new creative projects by others as well as motivational speeches to not give up on dreams, pursue your goals, and not ones that sound phony. It’s where I feel pushed and the only barrier I have besides the lethargy is money to pay my bills and upgrade my various equipment and tools. I need to push back against what’s holding me back, get work done on projects and get this clutter out of my way so I have the room to do so. If I keep writing this enough times, saying it enough times, I’m hoping I’ll actually do it and finally get everything in my life in order. I’ve been blockaded far too long and I’m not giving up. Jesus didn’t give up even in death, preaching to the vary souls in Hell while awaiting his return to life, and continued to save souls when he was resurrected and does so even now from Heaven. This is what I believe as a Christian (I will not apologize for my beliefs but I think I need this right now so forgive me if this is now what your used to on this site) and what I need to start living instead of just saying and writing. I hope all of you, regardless of faith, have a  happy Easter and never give up what your heart drives you to, using your mind to reach those goals. I also hope the same for myself.

Comic Report: Saban’s Masked Rider

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Between a cold and a project I was working on for my cousin (which was delayed by the aforementioned cold) I didn’t do any cleaning this week. So I’m grabbing this week’s Scanning My Collection article from last week to have something to post.


Saban’s Masked Rider had the potential to be a good show. Using footage from Kamen Rider Black RX, with a few scenes from the movies Kamen Rider ZO and Kamen Rider J to make up the space in the final, syndicated season, the tale of an alien prince who comes to Earth to stop his evil uncle from doing to Earth what he did to their home planet of Edenoi using the powers of a insect-like superhero could have been a good show. So why did it fall flat? That’s a review for another time.

Like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and VR Troopers, Marvel had the chance to play with Masked Rider but instead of its own comic, or joining together like the VR Troopers, Marvel only gave Dex and his friends a one-shot special. In some ways it may be better than the television show it adapted, but like other Marvel attempts to adapt Saban’s work it got a number of facts wrong. But how good is the story when they actually have a full comic length to write instead of half a comic like the Power Ranger/VR Trooper comics we’ve spent the past few Fridays going over?

Masked Rider #1

“Big deal. OUR cycles look like sharks now. Not that Marvel ever used them!”

Masked Rider

Marvel (April, 1996)

WRITER: Frank Lovece
ARTISTS: Rurik Tyler & Todd Smith
INKERS: Jim Sanders, Mark McKenna, Vince Russel, & Don Hudson
LETTERER: Dave Sharpe
EDITOR: Mariano Nicieza

Nicieza edited all of the Marvel Saban comics. Show accuracy wasn’t on his agenda, was it?


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