Comic Organizing Mega Project: Sort To Sell

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More of a quick report this week but the project did take all week to do. Granted it’s only because of other projects I had to do. This is an old picture but I broke out the sorting table and organized the piles (well, three bags) of comics I plan to sell. I want to look up what they’re worth and slowly add them to the comics for sale section of the site. I put them in a better order to post them to the section, using the same layout I use in my regular comic collection (like combining titles of the same continuity: i.e. DC universe, Marvel universe, Elementals universe, franchise, etc.)

I have two more comic I know are going into the pile after I review them over the next two weeks and there may well be more in the future, but I do plan to do a comic a day minimum (though we know how my plans work out) if I can and add them to the sale section, so keep an eye out in case one you might be interested in shows up. By the way I’m STILL finding comics in the wrong order but at least it’s not as bad as it was and adjusting is easier than before this megaproject began. This is still far from being done.

Book Report: Spider-Man–Carnage In New York

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While comics being turned into movies and TV shows are nothing new I wonder how many people realize that even prose has seen superheroes cross over from the panel to the text? Here at The Clutter Reports I’ve already reviewed The Death & Life Of Superman by comic writer and novelist Roger Stern. I have very few prose stories based on the DC and Marvel heroes but most of them are DC, mainly Superman and Batman. (I also reviewed a “Which Way” gamebook starring Superman.) I only have one Marvel novel, a co-authorship between a comic writer and a novelist.

In the 1990s Marvel published a series of novels starring their superheroes through Byron Press, one written by another crossmedia writer, Peter David, focused on a character he knew very well, the Incredible Hulk. David Michellie is mostly known for his run on Iron Man in the comics but did spend some time on The Amazing Spider-Man so he does know the character. (I do not know if there was a novel about Iron Man but if there is I hope he worked on it.) Aiding him was novelist Dean Wesley Smith. Together they penned a story about Carnage, an offshoot of Venom. Venom has a long backstory even before Marvel tried to fill out the symbiote race. Symbiotes are goo-like beings that bond with hosts, forming a sort of costume and granting the host special abilities while symbiote feeds on his I think adrenaline and sometimes uses the host to feed on other lifeforms. Carnage is a spawn of that symbiote that found a willing host in mass murderer Cletus Kasaday, forming a bond so perfect Carnage speaks in “I/me/my” rather than “we/our”. He is one of if not the most dangerous foe in Spider-Man’s rogues gallery, making him a good choice for this novel.


Quick Project: Sorting The Records

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Yep, it’s that time again. I don’t get a lot of files I need to save usually but 2016 dealt with a lot of extra paperwork because it dealt with my surgery. And during the recovery I kind of let the paperwork go, and it piled up. By paperwork I mean there were a bunch of records I didn’t need anymore and it kind of built up in my folders. This week, with help from my dad, I went through and figured out what I needed to keep, what I needed to shred, and what I needed to pop into the recycle bin (anything without my name on it…for example, government files often include uses information that they send every time in case it is useful to a particular situation but afterwards means nothing if I don’t have a grievance or since I’m already registered to vote). I keep thinking I’m going to do this at the start of the year but for some reason it never gets done until June and this features a lot of stuff dating back to before the surgery.

So I broke out the sorting table, had my dad go through what I wasn’t sure about, and now my folders aren’t so jam packed with junk. Now if I keep my goal of doing it the first week in January (my dad says I should do it more than once a year but normally I don’t have that many papers to go through since the most I get I already know are only necessary for the next month and I’ve been good on the incoming lately but not the backlog) maybe I won’t have to make this a project that takes up my day. Maybe.

Quick Report: Some Minor Cleaning Up

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Not a big report this week. I didn’t tackle some major mess or reorganize a disaster location, and I didn’t get to review anything, although at the current rate I should have a book review in the next two weeks. Instead I just did some minor clean-up:

  • Now that the weather has decided to pick a season I was able to put away my thermal blanket until next winter.
  • I went through some remaining convention promotional material for websites that I found among the stuff I was organizing last week. Part of it was curiosity because I don’t have time to take on yet another podcast or regularly visit a site that hasn’t been updated in a few years. I mostly wanted to see if any of them still existed and a few of them didn’t. I don’t think I added anything to my regular web reading.
  • Put a small pillow away and cleaned up the pinball table.
  • Also put away a few things I had lying around and for some reason didn’t get to.

These are all minor projects but while it clear out a ton of room it did make the place look better, which was the goal. Not every project has to be a huge megaproject. Sometimes it’s the smaller projects that have the greatest positive impact. In this case it’s not a huge impact but still a good one.

Comics & Cardbacks: An Actual Cleaning Project

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Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve actually done one of these, hasn’t it? Between computer issues and time I haven’t been able to work on a day-long anti-clutter project. So this week I was lucky to actually be able to work on one. At issue was the set of cardbacks left over from a previous organizing project. I cleaned out the folder box but there was another set of these and I thought I’d go over them at the same time. Then the delays happened. No delays this week.

You’re probably wondering why I save cardbacks from the various Transformers figures. Perhaps you don’t remember the days of tech specs on Transformers figures, something that’s fallen out of fashion for various reasons. One of them was the need for multi-language packaging at one point. When that ended they never really went back to the old spec cards, something you’d clip off of the back of the packaging. These would include the character’s personalities and stats. While Hasbro has included this in packaging the old tech specs remained at a set size (sometimes reduced for smaller figures) but that doesn’t exist anymore. It had been a goal of mine to create new tech spec designs, but with the internet serving as a way to find examples and information I don’t really have to have this big pile of cardboard. So this week I planned to cut that down a little.


Quick Report: Changing For The Season

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There’s a good reason this week’s article is late: I forgot to write it yesterday. Sorry.

Not that there’s a lot to discuss. This week I cleaned up and turned on the air conditioners (it gets warmer up here in the attic than the rest of the house and we’re FINALLY getting 70s) and put away the humidifier. So I’m ready to deal with the heat. That’s really all I have to report this week. Hopefully next week I can actually do something. I’ve been slacking a bit trying to get the computer going and a few other tasks but there’s still more clutter to report on. Thankfully not as much as when I first started this blog but more work needs to be done. When you only have one day a week around other projects it tends to take a while.

Quick Report: Recreating My Spreadsheet

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The report is quick but it took all afternoon and I didn’t get to finish it. Mostly because I’m using my old Microsoft Works program and it’s a bit glitchy with Windows 10 apparently. At any rate when I lost the Vista computer I also lost the spreadsheets I had that I was using to keep track of stuff I’m doing for the other website. The most annoying of the lost sheets was the one for my minicomics that I review for Free Comic Inside (something crossposted here as a “Mini-Comic Report” when I review one I actually own versus one I find online). So this week’s project was to recreate it. (Up there is the old one.)

While there are a few things I need to do, like re-find some of the comics online that I don’t own but want to review for the article series (I also keep track of the ones I own or want to own), this did give me a chance to redo the layout from the bottom up. There were times the old system got confusing because without scrolling back to the top I couldn’t remember which column was to mark something reviewed and which was to mark something I own. I do plan to put that labeling into multiple parts of the sheet so I don’t have to look up, but for now it’s still short enough (possibly due to ones I’ve forgotten why my luck) that it’s not a requirement. Frankly I should have done that with the old chart. I’m not sure what other pack-in promo mini-comics I’ve forgotten but hopefully I’ll remember them soon and I was able to get most of the info I needed for the ones I know I need to review. Preferably I will own them someday because I like these little things…although now I’m wondering if mixing them into the regular comics was a mistake when it comes to finding them…but online and digital downloads are an option I can live with because they’re long out of print and in some cases the product no longer exists anyway and I don’t know if I’ll be able to collect them all. Still, I wish I hadn’t lost my old list. This was a lot of work and some of that information is currently lost to me.

I’ll have to work on the others later. There are still a few other features I really want to take time to play with but since this was an important spreadsheet I really wanted to recreate it. Now I just need the data to finish it.

Meet My New Computer

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I think this is the best look I have at the old Vista computer, a Dell 537s. The thing served me well for many years but as Microsoft decided to force everyone to their latest operating system and the computer got old while graphics and other stuff advanced it became harder for me to even use YouTube or Facebook. Browsers stopped updating. Online content was slow if it ran at all. All sorts of really annoying things. Being unemployed there was nothing I could do about it.

And then the hard drive died, wiping out stuff I hadn’t backed up along with stuff I had and resulting in my losing a few things. That made me sad. It also meant I would have to get a new machine. At first it seemed like my dad would be providing this but then the stimulus checks came out and suddenly I could actually pay for it. It’s probably the only good thing that’s happened since the pandemic began. It wasn’t very expensive but it’s pretty good for what it is. Actually, it’s leagues better than the old computer and my computer friend who helped me select and set-up the computer was amazed how fast it is. Want to see it?


The Latest On My New Computer

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The computer in the picture is my old computer. This weekend I received my new computer and my friend who knows more about the computer set-up than I do (I know how to use it) just finished helping me put everything together. So I wasn’t able to do an article this week. Next week I’ll introduce you to my new machine and then things should get back to normal around here.

I did catch up on a few emails and articles via my slower laptop computer and tried to keep some kind of pace with my YouTube backlog thanks to my dad’s computer if you really want a related report. 🙂

Update On The Computer Situation

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Well, it’s official. The old Vista computer is kaputski. The hard drive died but most annoyingly it’s so kaput that I can’t even get any data off of it. My computer expert friend is looking for a budget Windows 10 computer not only for my image work but the video editing, which takes more image and processing power. I tried doing this article on the XP laptop but I could write a whole sentence and wait almost a minute foo back and deal with the typos and start all over again, as well as type in the words the computer somehow missed. This is not an option.

The type of computer my friend is looking at will require a little reorganizing of the computer desk workspace plus time to put all of my productivity software in and set everything up. So I probably won’t be updating for a while. I’ll try to do something if I can use my dad’s computer downstairs to have content during the quarantine and I’ll report when the new comp is up and running. Otherwise I’ll be silent for a while but still around to keep an eye on things.See you soon.

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