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Odd to put this logo on THIS site. However, fighting off the remnants of a cold this week meant I didn’t do much this week. However, I’ve let this project (and as a result this site) slip by for too long this year so I thought I’d get some more virtual clutter done. That makes this another short report.


More Virtual Clutter Cleaning

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An image of a compact disc - Pencil included f...

An image of a compact disc – Pencil included for scale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week’s project didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, and I need to figure out why. I decided to go virtual this week and clean some unnecessary stuff from the computer’s hard drive, hoping to clean up space. Important pictures were burned to a CD I already have prepared for such things, I went through the downloads and various media files and got rid of what I didn’t need, but for some reason my hard drive is still really full. I need to figure out what I have on there that’s taking up all of that space. I did a reinstall in the last year or two (everything’s a blur these days) so I’m hoping some new virus didn’t show up. This is a mystery I need to figure out but my time is really cluttered lately and trying to organize that is a lot harder than opening floor space. Weak report this week but it’s all I have.

Another sick day

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I only just realized that I didn’t post anything here this week and totally should. My clutter cleaning project hit a snag with a Crohn’s flareup. A minor one but I was still out of action and am just now recovering. So I’m sorry there was no post this week. NEXT week I have to do the next phase of my comic organizing project because there’s a particular series I have to find for my daily comic reviews over on the other site. So there should be a lot to talk about soon.

I’m as tired of missing these this year as you are, probably more. Although I have made some strides this year, I’ve had more important things to deal with, as you can see by looking at the January and February postings. It’s not been a good year. But let me make up for this skip with some articles to check out.

Clearing Up Some Floor Space


I apologize for these pictures. The cheap-o camera with the flash finally bought it.


This week’s project is a short one. To clear one area for my clutter clearing work, sometimes I shove the stuff into another area away from where I’m working. Some of that stuff will go back, and some of it will go someplace else, either the trash or where it should have gone but for whatever reason didn’t.

I’ve been trying to reclaim my floor space before the next project that requires taking up floor space again, if only temporarily. Plus I like having freedom of movement and being able to get to areas I need to. And that was this week’s project.


Toy Report: Marvel Vs. Capcom Mega Man & War Machine

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Marvel V Capcom War Machine & Mega Man

It’s been too long since I’ve written a proper review for this site. And since my more needed clutter-cleaning project isn’t going to make for a good article, let’s do that.

Marvel Versus Capcom is a great fighting game series, featuring characters of Marvel Comics and the Capcom video game characters either teaming up or fighting each other depending on the players. The plot of the first game (at least under the MvC name, as smaller clashes had occurred previously), Clash Of Super Heroes, is that Professor Xavier needs the help of heroes from both realities to stop his overpowered, evil alter-ego, Onslaught. In the comics, Onslaught nearly killed a group of heroes that were saved only because Reed and Sue Richards’ son, Franklin, was able to transport them to a pocket dimension he created. Very long story, folks.

I’m not very good at the game (surprising nobody) but I do have a favorite team, born not out of gameplay mechanics but personal character preference, the team of Capcom’s Mega Man and Marvel’s War Machine. So when I saw a two-pack toy, released by Toy Biz as part of a brief line, featuring both characters I had to get it. So how do these figures hold up?


Mini-Comic Report: Transformers Armada Vol. 2

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My Crohn’s (I’m willing to give it up if anyone wants it) was playing with me this week, not a full flare-up but a lot of gas and not as much sleep. Saturday was spent mostly in bed trying to get my strength back, so I still didn’t get any work done. So to keep things active (hopefully everything is fine by next week…I have a big corner mess to clean up and some more new reviews) I’m going back to my other site to mine a mini-comic review. I just finished reviewing a Transformers Armada comic series when I realized I never went back to the mini-comics that came with the toys and there were still three more AND the Energon comics left to go. So I made a dent. Enjoy.


With the Transformers Armada comic coming to an end I thought it was well past time to return to the mini-comics Dreamwave produced for the toys. In our last installment we found a very lackluster story. Whether it was the space needed to include the catalog or the insistence to have all three package languages (English, French, and Spanish as I recall) in the comic taking up much needed dialog space I can’t say. I can say it was lame. Although the same restrictions exist here, maybe this one will be better?

Not really, no.

Transformers Armada V2

“Oh, let the kids play.”

Transformers Armada Vol. 2

Dreamwave/Hasbro (2002)

WRITER: Chris Sarracini
ARTIST: Guido Guidi
COLORISTS: Chris Walker & Matt Kuphaldt
LETTERING: Dreamer Design


Comic Report: Precocious vol. 1

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I didn’t get any work done this weekend, but I did do a review for my other site that I thought I would post here because it’s a comic worth checking out.

Precocious Vol 1

With these kids it should be rules 1-3 as well, just to be safe.

Precocious Rule #4: No Dynamite

collecting the first 301 strips plus special bonus story

WRITER/ARTIST: Christopher J. Paulsen




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