Organizing The Desk Top

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Sorry for missing last week. I didn’t get anything done. Too many doctors appointments. This week I managed to get something done.

The top of my desk is a mess. I like the stuff on there, but it’s all cluttered on there and not well-organized. So that was my challenge for this week. This turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. I came up with a decent system and while I ended up keeping everything on there, it was still a good system for me.


Couch Cleaning

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You can tell from this picture because it’s old, but one of the clutter piles I had were clothes on this couch piece, another clutter victim of my recent medical problems. So this week the goal was to straighten that up. I still have a few things to find a place for, but it looks a lot better.

I won’t be able to put up a report next week and possibly the week after that due to parties and the one day of ConnectiCon I’ll be able to go this year. That is unless I have a chance to do or review something, which I doubt. I know it sucks to take another hiatus so soon after coming back, so I’ll try to post something here if I can. I just want to let you know it will be a while, but there are still more small projects I can do until I’m ready to tackle the big stuff again.

And That’s Done

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I forgot to post something here. I’m sorry.


However, I did complete this week’s project. With my dad’s help, I went through the various files I had and either tossed out or shredded what I didn’t need. I now have fewer folders that I need to use and more organized files. While I’m still not ready to tackle the comics, which had been planned as my next project, I do have a project for next week.

Getting back to the clutter cleaning

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While I can’t do everything I’m strong enough to resume my clutter-cleaning project. This weekend I began going over old records and a stack of paper stuff that built up since I got sick back in December (old mail, receipts, and the records I already planned to go through before I got sick). I sorted them on the table and tossed out/shredded what I didn’t need. There is still more to go over but it’s started. I’m back in this game. How are you all doing?


Special V-Log: Medical Issues & ConnectiCon Denial

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While this video was produced for my other site, I do explain why there hasn’t been a Clutter Report in months. Like the other site, I’m hoping to get back to work soon. However, cleaning takes more energy than sitting there typing stuff so it may be longer getting a new Report that it will getting BW Media Spotlight back in action.

Quick Update

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BW Media Spotlight

I’m hoping to put together a V-Log explaining the full reason by my large hiatus by the end of the week. I would also like to resume BW operations and The Clutter Reports by the end of the month, but look what happened with my LAST deadline. Hope to report back soon.

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Home From The Hospital

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Hey, kids;

Hello, everyone. Yes, I finally got out of the hospital on Friday and needed two days to recover enough to post anything. This will be my last post for the next week or so as I continue to recover from my stay. I want to be able to give you the best content I can.

So what happened? Apparently I was dealing with something called diculitus. I don’t know if that’s the right spelling because the internet gives me little on that name but will flood my search with diverticulitus which isn’t what I asked for! Stupid internet. While I still need to take antibiotic to flush it out that means I’m not completely cured yet. I also have to get use to being awake and getting my strength back. Still, I’m happy to be home.

As I stated, BW Media Spotlight and The Clutter Reports will remain on hiatus until I’m ready to give my full attention to articles, comics, and video creations. I may write a few things if I’m bored, which Patreon supporters will get to see when they’re done, while BW readers will have to wait until I have a full week of stuff to ease me back into operation.

Meanwhile, The Clutter Reports will have to wait until I’m strong enough to work on projects. I still have those two big ones I need to get done but I’m already losing optical focus as I get to this paragraph. My hope on both sites is to only be gone another week, but this is my first hospital stay since joining the blogosphere and almost a week longer than my longest hospital visits so I can’t say for certain. Hope to review again soon.

-Troy “ShadowWing Tronix” A.

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