Virtual Clutter Report: Video Transfer

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Inner view of a Seagate 3.5 inches hard disk d...

Inner view of a Seagate 3.5 inches hard disk drive Medalist ST33232A model (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s not much this week but it’s something.

My cousin has a video editing project for me, so it was time to clear some space on my hard drive. I had some video game save states that I decided to erase since I never reloaded the games after reinstalling the operating system and want to start over for another project I have in mind. Then there were a series of videos that I either burned to CD or moved to my project drive, depending on the need. My cousin’s project is going to take most of the week so I don’t know what I’ll be able to do by next weekend. Still, there’s some more hard drive and room clutter cleaning that needs to be done. The battle continues. Also, I’m adding a “virtual clutter” category to go over computer clutter cleaning as well. Clutter, clutter everywhere.

Mass Delay


This week there was a mass for my mother so I attended that, which took out what free time I had this week. It bothers me that clutter maintenance keeps getting stalled but I’m a stubborn person and I still have way too much to do. Hopefully I’ll have a full article next week. Instead I’ll link to a whole lot of other clutter articles so coming here this week was at least worth it. Pray for my getting back to this.


But reading isn’t enough, is it? I don’t care how small the task is, even with a big project I’m going to do for my cousin and all the stuff I do on the other site, I’m going to do my best to make time to organize or review something next week!

Finished Up An Organizing Project

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Wikiconference NYC 2009

Wikiconference NYC 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At some point while I was still in mourning I needed to do something besides sit around, but I still wasn’t feeling creative or able to review stuff.. So I grabbed a folding table and started organizing a pile of papers, newsletters, and other stuff and put them away. When I was able to work on other projects again it got stalled because there were still other things I needed to do to help my dad plus I’m still looking for a job. Then my grandfather passed away and dad needed even more help. Been a tough year.

The only clutter cleaning I was able to do was to finish off most of that project. I still have one more group, stuff from conventioning, that I need to do once I’ve caught up with last year’s panels and other things I recorded. Since I can get PDF versions of the previous catalogs (I even have one or two), my plan is to only keep the two that are significant, the first time I went to that convention and the first ConnectiCon that I went to under a press badge. If something else happens that I want to remember at future cons I may save those as well but I’m trying to reduce my collections to things that have a personal significance or just look good in my collection (or in the case of media, things I want to watch/read/play/listen to again). I still need to balance my schedule to do everything I want and need to do. How do you guys balance your time?

Another Family Member Passes

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This has been a tough year. 2015 is finding a way to be worse than 2014 from the beginning. Last month my mother died and we weren’t expecting it. On Tuesday my last grandparent, my grandfather, also went to be with the Lord, but this time it was expected. He 96 years old and suffering from Dementia and a stroke. Still, I didn’t any clutter clearing done this week and as I write this the comic still isn’t done. It’s easier since it was expected and it wasn’t something he’d make a recovery from. Still, It would be nice to not have someone I care about pass at least for the rest of the year.

I hope to be back to things next week, since expecting it made things easier. Not easy, just easier. I just hope this is the last loved one we have to bury for longer than awhile.


Comic Report: Superman #330

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We cleaned a good part of the house this week amidst a few distractions so all I have for you this week is another crosspost from BW Media Spotlight‘s “Scanning My Collection” series. I had just gotten this comic as reviewed it as I went along. It speaks to a pet peeve I have when discussing Clark Kent as a secret identity for Superman. Enjoy.

This is going to be an interesting edition of…

Scanning My Collection logo

…for a few different reasons. One, this isn’t something that has spent years in my longboxes. I picked this up last week for the heck of it. Two, I haven’t read this yet, so you’ll be seeing a “live” blogging as I go through it, kind of like I do with “Chapter By Chapter”. Three and finally, the subject is one that makes me shake my head–the continued belief that the Clark Kent identity is just a pair of glasses.

There is more to Clark than spectacles. He acts differently as Clark than he does as Superman, dresses differently (obviously), and speak differently. Look up the voice work of Bud Collyer or watch Christopher Reeve’s acting in the movies. Anyone who plays Superman, either by voice or in the flesh needs to remember that they are playing two separate identities, something most Bruce Wayne/Batman portrayers get but too many Clark Kent/Superman portrayers mess up. See my Clutter Reports review of All-Star Superman the movie. I picked up the old serials finally and the actor there does a good job as Clark but Superman thus far hasn’t gotten a lot of lines. This was something I should have pointed out in the review of DC Comics Presents #50, where the two identities became separate people for a time. It works because (1) nobody suspects Superman HAS another identity, (2) Clark is so weak and mild-mannered (although a little less so post-Crisis) that nobody would suspect him and (3) if they can’t guess Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow with the same distinct goatee and little to no change in personality they’d never figure this one out. (Lest you think the Marvel Universe has the only stupid people. They just have more stupid citizens per capita.)

So let’s read this one and see what the “big secret” is to how Kal-El pull this off, according to 1978.

Superman #330

“George Reeves?”

Superman #330
DC Comics (December, 1978)

“The Master Mesmerizer of Metropolis”
(try saying that title three times fast)
WRITER: Martin Pasko
(based on a script concept by Al Schroder the third)
ARTISTS: Curt Swan & Frank Chiaramonte
COLORIST: Adrienne Roy
EDITOR: Julius Schwartz


The Clutter Left Behind

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Man thinking on a train journey.

Man thinking on a train journey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Greetings, fellow clutter maintainers. This is going to be a hard report to write but it’s something I’m thinking about as we go through my late mother’s belongings. It’s something I haven’t seen mentioned in any clutter article I’ve read, or anything I would have thought of until this happened. When it comes to my various bloated collections I’ve been thinking about things like storage space and being able to enjoy my collection. And yet my mom’s passing has left me juggling a lot of different thoughts. Many of them are the typical and personal thoughts we all have when we lose someone we love. However, one matters to this project. What happens to our clutter when we die?


Clutter Hiatus: Mother Passing

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Rita Marie Ackermann, my mother, passed away yesterday at 66 years old, a little after her birthday. I had this whole thing I was going write about her love of butterflies, how much of my creativity comes as much from her as my father (my favorite costume is a¬†Greatest American Hero costume she made for me as a kid using iron-on fabric on a sweatsuit, even making the belt and cape…it’s about as accurate as homemade could get in the 1980s even if it doesn’t compare to some cosplays today) but I find that it’s difficult for me to write anything right now.

I’m not going away. BW Media Spotlight is my passion and The Clutter Reports is still a project I need. There will also be more videos coming. Right now, though, it’s just not in me and my dad needs me. However, I am taking a few days at least away from reviews, commentaries, and anti-clutter tips while we get everything settled. I ask for your patience if you’re interested in my productions. Things will resume as soon as things settle and I get used to my new world dynamic.

Troy Ackermann, aka Troy A. aka ShadowWing Tronix

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