A Video About Decluttering Your Art Area

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My art station is one of those areas I keep messing with. I thought this week’s project would be rather easy. It’s just some minor alteration and a bit of Operation: A Place For Everything thinking. Then Saturday came and I had trouble getting to sleep the night before. My brain just didn’t want to shut down so I ended up not only unable to work on this week’s project but I missed out on my cousin’s band performing because I was too tired to go. I’m not happy about this.

For you guys who are just into reading I have an article from Simplyleigh Organized about decluttering your office. I went down a rabbit hole of various decluttering art room videos trying to find one to have a decent post for today. I eventually decided that rather than clutter this page (see what I did there) with videos I’d choose one that closest to what I’m doing. So even though I’m not really going into a “minimalist” lifestyle (yet, anyway) this video where¬†The Minimal Mom declutters her kids arts and crafts area would be the one I went with. The tips are well given, it’s not a huge project (the art corner is only a tweaking project…a CONSTANT tweaking project for me, mind you), and it’s kind of fun. Hopefully next Friday I’ll get enough sleep to do a proper Saturday project. In the meantime I hope you get something from this.

Quick Report: Prepping Comics For Unloading

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Last week I mentioned that my local comic store (the one I used to go to when I could buy new comics) might be willing to take some of my old comics or at least help me get rid of them. So for this week I wanted to get the process started. I have three shopping bags filled with comics and this week I wanted to get the first bag ready to be brought over. The project was to mark down all the comics in that bag I wanted to sell, make a last decision if they were going (two ended up staying for the time being), and get them into a disposable bag to bring over. I’m listing them on Google Sheets so I can access it outside the house. I just have to download it to my phone. Whatever he can’t use I’ll add to the Clutter For Sale page, where a few comics are already listed, until I get a better idea. I still need to figure out what to do with the untranslated manga and even some of the translated ones and American graphic novels.

Sadly I had trouble sleeping the night before so I didn’t have time to complete this assignment by post time. None of them were priced in case he can’t use them (since the store needs to make a profit I don’t expect to get the full current market price, but it beats keeping them here where I’m not making any money out of them and they’re cluttering things up) and I still have two small stacks of comics to list so I know what I’m bringing. I can’t bring them to the store until later in the week anyway so I have plenty of time to get the rest of this done, and I’m going to try to do that before the week is out. I’ll keep you updated on what happens next as this is part of the comic organizing mega-project.

Quick Report: A Chance To Unload Some Comics

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It may be strange for someone trying to unload way too many comics to then go out and get new comics, even on Free Comic Book Day. For the uninitiated, Free Comic Book Day is when publishers release a special free comic to get readers into the comic store to check out their stuff and hopefully boost the comic stores with potential buyers either for the stuff being previewed or by going through comics on the shelves and in back issue boxes as well as buying other merchandise the store carries. Sadly the comic store pays for these “free” comics so over at my storytelling discussion site I push for people to buy something while they are there. I practice what I preach and bought some stuff while I was there, comics I wanted to fill holes in my collection that I feel comfortable getting because I’ve opened some space with more space opening to come.

I also had another reason for going…to get out of the house! I’ve been cooped up here between various medical issues I’ve had and brought up on this site, the pandemic and associated lockdowns, and just not having any money. Actually the reason was to go to my favorite comic store and ask the owner, whom I have a friendly acquaintance with, about advice to sell those comics I’ve been pairing down. I was hoping he might point me somewhere but he mentioned he might buy them off of me himself if they’re what he needs. So I need to put at least one set together to show him, which I have some time for as he has a few others he’s looking through at the moment.

The plan is to take one of the bags I have with comics for sale, price them for the Clutter For Sale section just in case I can sell through here or just to have prices on hand if he suggests another avenue, and then bring that bag to him to go through. Maybe there’s something he can sell and if not he can point me to another way to get rid of them. At this point I just want to get some of these shopping bags off of the floor and put them away for their intended use…as bags for when I go shopping. I want to get a good price because I need the money but right now I really want to clear out the clutter so I can’t be too pedantic about it and I went to this store for years (I probably even bought a lot of these comics through him or the previous store I went to before it closed) so I trust him to not do me wrong. I’m only going to bring one bag at a time to not overwhelm him with comics because there really are a looooootttttt of comics. I’ll let you know what happens.

Quick Report: Finishing What I Started

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Still not my bathroom: Photo by Jean van der Meulen on Pexels.com

A couple of weeks ago I started cleaning my bathroom. It was mostly just dusting but it wasn’t all I had to do in there. After spending the last week dealing with weird dreams that threw me off in the day (the third time that’s happened this month–please God let me be over it) and a couple bouts of insomnia I spent yesterday finishing the dusting and cleaning the tub.

Today I’ll be changing the DVR box to the new one. I didn’t get to watch everything I wanted but I got the most important stuff. If I can still use it as storage without it being tied to the cable company any more it would be nice to watch the rest before sending it to the recycler but as this posts I won’t know if that’s possible. Hopefully they’re movies and episodes I can pick up again in the future. We’ll see how that goes.

I did manage to read through some of my email backlog on the days my brain was working. That’s some victory.

I also hope to put some more comics up on the comics for sale section during the week on top of some other projects (including stuff I was too out of it to do last week despite being the reason I took a week off from my other site…because of course that’s when it happened) and get myself back on track. I want to really start learning how to use various software, update various videos on my YouTube channel while copying old ones to a back-up host, and finally pushing forward instead of struggling to keep up. On top of that I have to lose some weight and finally do a little living. We’ll see how that goes, too.

So that’s all I have to report this week. With luck I’ll have a more interesting discussion next week but this is also a journal of my de-cluttering journey.

Quick Report: DVRed Again

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So this week I was supposed to get more dusting done. It seems the universe continues to hold me back whenever possible and using my media addictions against me. We ordered a new DVR box from the cable company but that means losing all the recordings we have. So I’ve had to push through what I can versus what won’t repeat again and can’t find online. Even then there are movies and shows I’m not going to finish. It’s annoying but since our current box won’t record or pause live video…you know, the reasons you get a DVR box in the first place, there’s not much I can do about that. Our old cable company (seen above because I don’t have pictures of the current company’s boxes in the media library for this site) stored on the cloud, which is better for us, probably not for the cable company.

So I guess that’s a bit of clutter gone whether I want it to or not. Less distraction. Now if I could just get caught up on everything else.

A Dusting We Will Go

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Photo by Jean van der Meulen on Pexels.com

This week it wasn’t just the toilet that needed cleaning. I had some serious dusting to do…as in some of it was so caked on I needed cleaner to remove it. Despite how little I’ve been able to dust the past few years I don’t think that alone was the problem. Apparently wiping off surface dust wasn’t enough.

Unfortunately, as regular readers know, I’ve come off a few years of major medical issues and am rather out of shape. I was only able to get half the bathroom done before my energy levels dropped out. Before I could do the whole thing THEN pass out. So I’m going to be finished that either during the week or for project Saturday next week.

This isn’t the only dusting I want to do though. We’ve been letting this go for years due to various medical and other issues myself and my dad, and to tell you how long it’s been even with my late mother, and Dad really wants to get this house cleaned up. Given how much dust I have in my living space alone because I haven’t dusted up here seriously in God alone knows how long, I’m going to be focused on that, while also trying to find time to work on my other site and list more comics for sale, if only to have a price to sell them for when I have another option than the Clutter For Sale section of this site. The fact that I’ve sold anything is kind of amazing.

So I will work to do a few reviews of things I’m deciding whether or not to keep, but I also may end up missing weeks to focus on overdue dusting. I started The Clutter Reports to get myself to clean, organize, and declutter, and if writing an article actually makes that more difficult then it’s actually working against its purpose. So there will be reviews or missed posts for at least the rest of April and possibly part of May while I get this long overdue project complete. Before May is out we should be back to the usual projects and reviews properly timed. So um…pardon my dust I guess.

Seeking A Comic Price Guide

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This is what I posted to my Twitter feed. (My official Twitter is for my main website; The Clutter Reports being a side project it doesn’t have its own Twitter.) Let me back up a bit and explain where this comes from, but that’s this week’s topic.

The plan this week was to price up a bunch of my comics and put them on the Clutter For Sale page. Given my low reader count the odds of selling it there are quite low. The two sales I’ve made are a fluke and I know it. I want to be able to list them on other services where I have a better chance of selling them. Also, it’s a list for myself of what I have to sell and what they might be worth selling for. However, to sell any of them anywhere I want to find out what they’re worth. While part of me wants to sell them for what I paid them for, that’s kind of silly when I really need the money. Not to mention that some comics may have gone down in value rather than up so if I price them too high they won’t sell, while if I sell them too low I lose out on money I could really use.

For this I need a price guide. Note that it’s a guide. It’s not a given that it will sell at the price they list and it does depend on condition, though most of my comics are in very good condition at least. So I went searching around, using a few different search engines in the hopes of finding something that would give me some prices to go by. You’d think with all the websites out there I’d find a few, average the prices listed between the sites, and come up with a fair price based on the condition of the comic. As you can guess from that tweet, I was not successful.


Quick Report: Update On The Comics Project

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The report may be quick but this project took all day. If you’ve been here long enough you’ve already been exposed to the “mega project” of organizing and cutting down my comic book collection. Well, that tied into the project I really wanted to do this week: getting these comics out from under my art corner desk. I’ve grown tired of the limited foot room since I can’t put my feet through this particular stack of comics. I’ve pulled a number of comics from my collection and I was hoping there would be room to finally put those comics into those drawers.


Toy Report: Final Faction’s Churro and Air Assault accessory pack

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Yes, I know this site and the project that spawned it is supposed to be about having less junk than more but here me out. I’ve had a terrible few weeks. I’m not even going into all of it because I seem to be coming out the other end of a bad time, I’m hopefully almost done with doctors and tests after tomorrow (I wonder if I should call this “doctor visit season”?), and I’m ready to get back to work. The last two weeks have been videos of someone else cleaning. Trying to snag the photos for this was a larger chore than it should have been. Point is I’m not having a good time and something needs to make me happy. This was still cheaper than a “pity Transformer”, something I had my eye on for a while waiting to come out, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s not something I’m going to do a lot of and it’s time for projects that may lead to more removal so I’m giving myself a pass on this.

If that’s not enough: chiwawa in a flying mech suit with guns. Argument over.

Final Faction is kind of a throwback to 1980s action figures like G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. It’s exclusive to Dollar Tree, a former dollar store that just went $1.25 on my last trip out there earlier this week because (or so I heard) some influential and greedy boardroom member doesn’t understand what a dollar store is for, especially as the economy gets worse with the idiots in charge of said economy. Then again I’m not sure how an extra quarter is going to boost their revenue. There are two episodes of a CG cartoon that shows either this is meant as a humorous homage or someone doesn’t know how the 1980s worked as it’s kind of goofy. I first heard about the line from an episode of the YouTube channel Retroblasting (here’s the video if you want to know more about the line) and it sounded neat but not something I was interested in. Then I saw the first episode of the promo cartoon.

Still not interested in most of the line so I probably won’t get anything else from this series but one thing stood out immediately: chiwawa in a mech suit that’s also a dog that it uses to fight alien invaders. I’m too much of a geek to say no to that, especially given what I’ve been through as of late. Sadly fans of this idea would have to wait until wave 2, which just recently came out around here. (Connecticut is notoriously slow for getting new toys, which really used to annoy me when I could collect Transformers.) So for under three bucks I have this silly thing and the accessories seen in the episode. I’ll explain that as we move into the review.


Let’s Watch Someone Declutter Their Garage

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Well, I was right about this week being crazy. It didn’t help that Saturday had blah weather around here and that killed what little motivation I had to do something this week. On the plus side I get to talk about something I don’t have to declutter…because our garage was already organized before this site and my declutter project proper even got started.

I don’t understand why people use their garage as a storage shed. Maybe it’s because we have storage space, but I’ve seen a garage not usable as a garage on multiple home improvement shows because there are boxes and totes of stuff taking it over. And of course there’s the old clich√© of the wife yelling at the husband to finally clean out the garage, but the task being so monumental that he keeps finding excuses not to. So I wanted to find a video of a man cleaning out his garage. I wasn’t looking for anything that required a big financial expense or was setting it up as anything other than a garage and maybe a place to work on the car, the other purpose of a garage.

And so I found this video by YouTube channel GardenFork. Here he gives tips for decluttering your garage without really making anything TV worthy out of the final product. The thing about doing YouTube videos from home is the incentive to make it look like a good backdrop or set to film on and look professional. This is just a simple organizing and clutter removal operation, which is what I wanted. Despite turning my studio into something that looks good on camera as part of my projects, DIY on the cheap and easy decluttering to make the space functional for the intended purpose is currently the name of the game around here.


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