Superlego box

This is the biggest LEGO set I’ve ever built. I picked up this set because it had the classic Superman, while other LEGO sets were based on the Man Of Steel movie. It’s been sitting off to the side for months, and yesterday I finally decided to build the sucker! At the end of this article you can even watch me build it. Total time was about an hour and a half, but that includes time to get Google Hangouts On Air to work and chase pieces that fell off of my desk.

But before all that we’ll review the final product.

Superlego stuff

Comes with everything you see here.

The set has everything you need to build LEGO versions of Superman, Wonder Woman (the only set I know of that has Wonder Woman, while Aquaman comes with one of the Batman sets, and I don’t know why) and Lex Luthor, as well as Lex’s battlesuit. It also comes with instructions and rather uninteresting mini-comic. The instructions are very thorough and once I got the hang of what I was doing things went much faster and smoother.

Superlego figs

They’re so cute!

The set comes with three superheroes. Superman is the only one in his classic lighter blue and red…actually, they’re not shorts. It’s all one costume and people forget that. It was based on athletic clothing. The cape feels like construction paper, and it’s cut in a way that you fold it into the cape shape. It’s well thought out.

Wonder Woman has this one mini-fig so luckily it’s well done. The tiara is part of the hairpiece, since the hair is removed so you can turn the face around for a second expression. (Lex has the one expression because he has no hair.) The only thing I wish they could have added were her wristbands, maybe by painting the wrists. Her magic lasso is a molded loop with a handle for her to hold. There is some detailing to make it look like a looped lasso but part of me would have liked something I can shape.¬† I can use it well enough to interact with the set so I’ll overlook it.

Lex is modeled after his “post-Crisis” business suit rather than the classic Luthor costume but otherwise he looks good. Any complain I do have is shared with the male figs in that their attempt to give the figures cheekbones (something I’ve never seen on a LEGO figure) looks more like scars. Superman comes with a cape and Wonder Woman comes with her lasso, but Lex’s accessory has to be built.

Superlego bot

“I like to go to shoe stores with this and freak the workers out.”

For the time it took to build I’m glad it came out so well. Lex’s “power armor” is well done and looks powerful enough to take on Superman. There’s even a little piece of Kryptonite in the gun, which is the power source. As a bonus there are little levers for Lex to hold but you have to position¬† them right to get it to work It’s also in the classic green in purple of “pre-Crisis” Lex, the one I grew up on. The homage is well-received by me but I still would have liked to have seen Lex himself in those colors instead of a business suit.

Superlego botpose

“You won’t get the drop on me, Superman!”

As a bonus, the suit is posable. The waist isn’t very tight and spins a bit too freely, and I would have liked working knees in addition to the elbows. The arms can be worked into multiple positions but the upper arm is picky if you want to be able to hold the gun. The three claws are independent of each other for your choice of how to grab LEGO people. The ankles work as do the hips. The range on this thing surprised me because I haven’t built LEGO sets in years and the most I ever had was working doors and wheels. The canopy does open to sit Lex at the controls, which also move but if you want Lex holding them there’s only one good position.

Superlego all

Mini-Clark Kent courtesy of the LEGO Batman movie. You decide how he’s there with Superman.

As you’ll see in the video the set was fun to build (when little pieces didn’t keep running away on me) and fun to play with, although I’m used to suggestions of other configurations to work with. This was apparently designed just to be the one thing but with the right LEGOs you might be able to customize it. And if you order it through here I’ll get a kickback from it, so you’ll be helping me, too. It’s a good set. Just make sure you have a way to keep the little pieces on the table.


Admittedly it drags at times so unless you really want to see how easy or hard it is to build you might not be into it.