I own too much junk. Seriously, look at my living space.

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I’m tripping over my videos to get to my games, Transformers and other action figures are all over the place, and my comics and old mail are getting in the way of my art space. And that’s just for starters.

Additionally, my place is one big mess, my records are disorganized, my computer desktop is full of links, and I have trouble finding things when I want them. In other words, I have a lot of clutter, digitally and physically.

I run a storytelling critique blog called the BW Media Spotlight, and for some reason, despite not getting paid to do it, I have this urge to write an article every day. So my thinking is that if I have the mindset where I must write at least one article a week about going through the clutter, organizing or removing it, then maybe I won’t procrastinate as much about it and actually do it, just to have an article.

The best part is that when I review a video, comic, or even some video games, I can cross-post it to the Spotlight and give myself an easy article there. It’s a win-win for me, provided I actually go through with it. In addition, some of the stuff I review will be going away, which may mean selling, auctioning, or just giving it away, depending on my needs. (I know a former co-worker who wants first shot at any NES games I plan to give up.)

It won’t be just about reviewing all the junk I own, mind you. Some articles will be devoted to organizing, and seeking tips on better organizing my living space. This is a side project, but hopefully one that will get my butt in gear, and by necessity will probably be a bit more formal than what my BW readers are used to. Hopefully, we’ll all get something out of this.

Weekly updates will be a bit sporadic as I try to figure out when is a good day to schedule an update, but I still want one article per week minimum. So welcome to the Clutter Report, where I review all the crap I own and try to own less of it, or at least stop tripping over it.