Still an old photo. I don’t even have that air conditioner anymore once it started leaking.

Well, it wasn’t the victory I wanted but at this point I’ll take what God gives me and thank Him for it. I did succeed in getting the comics all organized…for now. All the comics I’ve already reviewed from Phantom to Zoids is all in place, the stuff I need to review still is separated and ready to be reviewed…all is well with the world more or less.

I was hoping to get all of the comics out of the studio and put them all in the bedroom. This did not happen. It’s not going to hurt anything but it isn’t helping anything either. I broke even, something a gambler may pray for if the game drags too long with a losing streak. I had to use all the plastic drawers, including the one my lamp is on in the studio. Now I’m sure they’re all in the right order because as I did this project I got smarter and learned from my mistakes.

I started where I left off yesterday, this time making sure that grabbed the right pile in the right order to be stacked in the drawer. I have thought about some alterations I would like to do with the Transformers comics now that they’re mixed in with the others rather than being on their own but I can worry about that in the next shifting, after I’ve gone through comics and requiring another bit of organizing. I may be getting rid of most of the Sonic comics, though with them in the magazine rack I’m not going to be opening any space for them in the drawer boxes. There’s still too many “S” titled and “T” titled comics and I only get to review a few a week. Even when I mix what few Sonic comics I’m keeping it’s not going to alter the current storage layout. It may require me to get a new storage layout but right now I’m just tired rambling.

I was also hoping not to need the magazine racks, where I’m keeping the review comics, the ones that don’t have borders and/or bags, and the graphic novels that won’t fit in a regular storage box. That way I was only using them for the stuff I need to go over. I ended up needing them but lucky for me they fit nicely in the empty racks I was hoping to finally put the magazines back into. So for now they’re staying in the wall drawer where they are. Maybe when I’m done reviewing and there’s more room I can put them in there because I need to go through those and see if there are any I want to keep.

Next week maybe I’ll take some new photos so you can see what they look like. Right now I’m just going to call this done. Tomorrow I’ll put the sorting table away and have my studio back, and then I can figure out what the next project is. It should be easier and shorter than this one, but I don’t want to just go back to short “quick reports” projects when there are big ones to do. I’d like to do some more middle-sized projects and keep that accomplishment train going, but if all I have time for are the smaller ones I’ll take what I can get. At any rate, I’ll take this Sunday off and then return to the usual Clutter Reports schedule.

We’re getting there, folks.