Normal is an illusion in my life. Here’s an example: how does one organizing project undo another? When you’re me mostly. Only having a day a week for these projects lead to some projects leaving things to be closely examined in later project, but I need a place to put them. So this set of drawers ended up taking on a few extra items and turning from the lovely display here to a mess when I did the hunt for electronics manuals recently. Between that and rethinking a few things led to this week’s project.

With the drawer a mess again the goal was to get it back to something usable, so I can find things in the future. Taking things I’ve learned in prior project and putting them here I have something I can work with.


As in the past the first order of business was to pull everything out of the drawers and better organize them. The numerous comic organizing projects led to magazines moving to these drawer. Other things from other projects also moved to these drawers. The thing is some of those are actually needed to be handled as part of further projects, and this time my goal is to get through those projects over the next few project days.

For example I want to put all the paper into one area, but to do that will require reorganizing where the rest of the paper is, which will be the next project. Other things include folders and envelopes (I used larger manila envelopes when I didn’t have folders that would do the job) that have things I need to go over in the projects after that. If anything this project helped me choose my next projects.

There are memories I want to keep and stuff I may no longer need, some of the latter I actually added to the recycle bin or shredder. Over the next batch of projects I may add more to both. To make things easier for me I put them in their own piles and thus their own personal area in the divided drawers. Unlike the last time I worked on these drawers this division will now lead to a series of relatively smaller projects since the stuff that I didn’t have time to go through this week now has their own spot in the drawer for the next few weeks of projects. I just made future projects easier instead of harder like I have been. Neat!

No pun intended.

So here’s what they look like now, waiting for the smaller projects to further break stuff down. I’m hoping the end results are worth it. We’ll see over the next few installments.