Time for more with the project that doesn’t end. I have collected a lot of comics and some of that collection comes from Japan. I don’t just mean the translated stuff either. As noted in a previous report before the Mega Project began I ended up with these sometimes out of curiosity and sometimes because the solicit from the catalog failed to mention it was in Japanese. With so much manga being translated I didn’t always know what was and what wasn’t in English. I had considered translating this but the Japanese grammar system is so far removed from Western languages that it’s a lot more work than I care to do. I have other projects that interest me more.

However, as of this writing, the four listed in that report I still don’t know how to sell off. I tried eBay but there were no takers. Still, I decided to organize all my manga, translated or not, and move forward on the attempt with the others. I still need to look over the untranslated stuff and see if I can still follow the story enough to keep any of it. While I have collected some translated manga put into typical Western comic style I still have plenty in Japan’s usual digest form, just in my language. That I’ll go over as I do the rest of my comic collection, but first I need to sort it all alphabetically and by language. That was this week’s project.

I forgot to take a picture of the manga in the box. The first step was to organize the books into two sections (it took more than one pile each), translated and untranslated. This is not the entirety of both groupings but it works for this picture.

This is all the untranslated stuff not counting what I looked through last time. It isn’t a whole lot but there’s still more than a guy who doesn’t read the language needs. The Spider-Man manga, which I was surprised to learn were reprints, all have that same cover, which seems odd to me, and some of the stories (but not all) were actually translated by Marvel Comics themselves. It’s a different take on the character, but if you’re aware of the live-action show Japan did it isn’t that far off. Yu Komori is a lot closer to Peter Parker than Takuya Yamashiro. No giant robots for Yu but he did fight Japanese versions of Peter’s enemies.

There’s also Ultraman, the 90s remake of Mach Go Go Go (or as we know it in America, Speed Racer), and the full Mazinger Z collection, which I unknowingly bought after getting volumes 2 and 3 of the regular collection. I guess Japan does the “omnibus” thing too. I’m not sure what I’m keeping here, but I’m also not sure how to get rid of it. Anyone going to Japan any time soon?

And here’s all the stuff I have in the usual graphic novel/digest form. Actually, not all of it. It was a larger pile than this. Most of it was Mega Man stuff, comics based on the Game Boy game Mega Man Battle Network but using the TV translated anime title of Mega Man: NT Warrior. It’s really a good story. Then I have a series of Mega Man stories based on the original continuity, Megamix and the sequel series Gigamix. Don’t even ask me to sell those stories because I won’t. I enjoy them too much, although I haven’t read NT Warrior since I got them. Actually I’m not sure I want to part with any of the ones on this table. Zoids (based on the motorized model kids) is quite good but I haven’t read it in a long time. However I know I’m not parting with Legends Of The Dark Crystal, a prequel series to the popular movie, which I hope is treated as canon in the Netflix prequel series that’s currently in production.

So with all that in order I need to go through the untranslated stuff and see what I’m adding to the previous list. I’ll post them to the “comics for sale” part of the sales section, and at this point I may make it a subsection, but I’m not hopefully about getting this out of here. I don’t know where to find the current sale price because it doesn’t look like anyone’s buying this stuff. The translated stuff I’ll go through along with the other comics I’m currently reading through to see what I enjoy and what I don’t. This is a project that is going to take a very long time.